Social Threat Alert

Critics or compliment

The tool integrates a syntactic analysis in real time to determine whether every captured message represents a comment with a positive or negative connotation.

Multiple presentations

You can visualize the results through a live interactive map that geocodes each publication. Both presentation models include an advanced historical search and filtering of the results in real time.

Critical alerts

The framework also notifies of any critical alert that should be addressed immediately.

Network Threat Alert

Instant detection

This tool will monitor and analyze general perimeter general status changes, automatically and continuously.

Early alert

When a discrepancy is found, the tool will send out an alert in different ways (Email, SMS, phone call, Telegram Bot), according to its severity.

Attack prevention

The system can detect the most major types of attack, such as Defacements, File uploads, Domain takeover, Injections, server hijacking, Denial of Service and more.

News and Press